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Where passion for consent education meets collaborative & authentic care.

Summer is a full-spectrum doula & care worker committed to intergenerational community care and teaching through modeling consent and compassion.

Thank you for your curiosity about my care work! My name is Summer. I am a care taker with over a decade of experience in the service of children, elders, & families with diverse needs. I enjoy collaborating with people of all ages in imagination, play, and exploring the Divine universe. In my labor, I embrace community participation & embodied playfulness as an ally in companionship.

Full-spectrum doula services include creating artwork, opportunities for self-soothing, personal rituals, ceremonies, as well as support during moments of change, like life stages, pregnancy, and death.

My full-spectrum doula care is guided by consent and customized to each person’s needs. Together, I work with clients to design values-based care plans informed by the agency and the awareness they have of their own body mind, story, and needs. Full-spectrum care services are available to provide nonmedical informational, emotional, physical, and spiritual support. 

If you would like to begin, reach out to schedule an initial strategy session to connect together and talk about questions, resources, and referrals at no cost. After the session, we’ll set up a separate call if you want to discuss a sustainable plan for working together.

As your doula, my role is to come alongside you in your life. Much of the labor of care happens in the moments in between sessions, because that’s where each person’s memories and experiences bubble up. Together we will identify and uplift the stories, rituals, and ingredients of change which include your visions and values.

Q: Who are full-spectrum services for?

A: Full-spectrum doula services can be for anyone. Especially for people who want to learn more about integrative and nonmedical care options, I work in partnership with each client and care team in addition to a local network of care providers.

Q: Are you still hosting Game Nights?

A: Yes! Game Night Facilitation booking is now opening for January-March 2023! Available for virtual sessions only this season. Let’s get together and play, craft, and explore challenges and mini-games with a small group! My game night themes include: values, communication, boundaries, natural disasters, crisis care, changes in life, pregnancy, end-of-life, and death.

For details about game nights for caretakers or care collectives contact here.

Q: Do you facilitate rituals and ceremonies?

A: Yep! Together with you, and in relationship with community healers, pastors, doulas, spiritual & religious community, and local collectives. Please email for more information, ritual & ceremony services are always at no cost.

Q: Are you sharing workshops or doing community education?

A: Occasionally, I facilitate both free and paid education opportunities (like teach-ins, workshops, or online classes) for anyone who wants to learn about themes like consent, rites of passage, and caretaking of children & elders.

Many programs are in collaboration with other people, collectives, or organizations, including my roles within Valley & Mountain Church and A Sacred Passing: Death Midwifery & Education.

Summer embraces playfulness as an ally in companionship, and has over a decade of experience in the service of children, elders, & families with diverse needs.

Q: How have your offerings shifted during the pandemic?

A: Everything has changed! And I will communicate with you through shifting ongoing research, public health needs, and personal boundaries. Recent data for covid and variants are available at this link: People’s CDC and Seattle, WA, COVID-19 Data Dashboard.

Phone or video sessions are available as an option for most offerings, and wearing a mask is required for all people unless limited by access or disability. You may choose in advance to receive a recording of some sessions and/or notes. We are all still living in a pandemic. Thank you for understanding that some services are limited and may shift as we respond collectively to the changing factors related to this pandemic.

“For 2 weeks while we were visiting Seattle, Summer cared for my mother with such authenticity. The care provided was a warm, attentive, and friendly person that our whole family loved. They even improved our trip by offering informed suggestions for accessible activities around the city!

Q: Are you working with new clients?

A: Yes! I am working with a few clients this season. I am also working slowly! Please join me in rest and rooting this season by dreaming, burying poems, growing food, and singing. Please reach out via email to connect, or for trusted referrals if needed. I hope you find the support you are seeking.

Q: What is the client investment?

A: Services are available at hourly or package rates, or within a working collaboration with seasonal services. All support is available at a sliding scale, split payments are optional. There is no cost for people experiencing housing or food instability, domestic violence, incarcerated, etc. Please reach out to learn more about available options.

  • Hourly Rate – Created for individual services, care plan facilitation, and shorter direct care sessions. Sessions are generally between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours at the sliding-scale rate of $0 – 75.
  • Seasonal RetainerCurrently booked for 2022. Hiring a virtual assistant for 12 weeks or more? Are you offering teach-ins or collaborative workshops on a regular basis and looking for support? Clients choose from the virtual services available for 1.5, 3, or 5 hours per week seasonally at the sliding-scale rate of ($35-75 x seasonal hours) + $125 seasonal deposit.
  • Backup Doula On CallCurrently booked for 2022. Looking to expand your care team with a backup full-spectrum doula? Clients and doulas can work with Summer for on call full-spectrum support during a pre-determined timeline up to three (3) weeks on call, in which I commit to being ready to reach the client(s) quickly once support is requested. Continuous support, respite, and backup services are at a sliding-scale rate of $0-750 + $125 on call retainer.

Q: How do I learn more?

If you’d like to meet me or you are looking for information about my training, education, work history, or CV, please reach out directly or schedule a consultation through the booking link.

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