The Sunflower Cycle



Pictured: a bee with pollen on its back flies toward an open sunflower


Summer Gail Diegel loves the ocean, chocolate chip cookies, their friends, and kin. They can be found playing D&D, taking a nap, sharing stories, and admiring book shops.

As a full-spectrum doula Summer offers embodied support, consent communication, creative activities, information for care planning, and learner-centered education. They enjoy collaborating with people of all-ages leaning into life cycles, transitions, and rites.

Summer is currently a pastor at Valley & Mountain Fellowship serving as director of education & youth ministry programs, and on the board of directors for A Sacred Passing: Death Midwifery & Community Education. They have over a decade of experience integrating storytelling and playfulness as allies in care work in the service of peers, children, and elders.


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